Managing and Reporting for Industrial Pretreatment Programs


PRETRE2(TM) is an industrial pretreatment software program for municipal wastewater treatment systems. This user friendly, fully menu driven database encompasses the realm of industrial discharge monitoring through comprehensive information management, tracking of accomplishments and reports generation. The required letters and forms are configured by the user and printed utilizing information from an industrial database by indicating the desired industry. Report generation for state and regulatory agencies is easily accomplished. Sampling results are automatically screened for violations during entry. A separate file keeps all pertinent violation information, including notification data and corrective action taken.


        Permit Tracking
        Sample Monitoring
        Significant Non-Compliance

DOWNLOAD a DEMO program right here & now.
These are self-extracting files, the DEMO then runs with a batch file.

Download PRETRE2 demo - after unzipping, type "PT2"

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