Computer Support Services


Custom Computer Software designed for your specific application.

Tailoring of Off-the Shelf programs to make them better suite your needs.

A complete Package of Service to get your company, agency, or community a fully operational site on the World Wide Web . Check out some sites we set-up:

                        New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC)

                        City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island

                        Sonar (Sailboats) International Class (Sonar)

                        New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA

                        EnvirOnLine - an Internet Directory for Environmental Information

                        Treatment Plants - Water, Wastewater and HazWaste Facilities in NE
On-site Training in the installation and/or use of computer software and systems.


TREDAT                Data Handling, Calculations, Graphing, & Reports
TREMAIN                Scheduling and Reporting of Equipment Maintenance
PRETRE2(TM)                 Managing and Reporting for Industrial Pretreatment Programs

DEMONSTRATION DISKS are available for each of these products. Please request by mail, phone, fax, or email.

- or DOWNLOAD DEMO programs right here & now.
These are self-extracting files, the DEMO then runs with a batch file.

Download TREDAT demo - after unzipping, type "TD"
Download TREMAIN demo - after unzipping, type "TM"
Download PRETRE2 demo - after unzipping, type "PT2"

We are headquartered in Boston and provide consulting civil/environmental engineering services as well as computer services. Our mail address: Cochrane Associates Inc., 236 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. Toll free telephone: 1-(800)-4TRECOM or 1-(800)-487-3266. Fax: 1-(617)-247-2785. Email:

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