Data Handling, Calculations, Graphing, & Reports


TREDAT(R) is an operator friendly data handling and process control software program for wastewater treatment facilities. Calculations are based on daily input values from laboratory data, plant logs and monitored concentrations. Daily/monthly/yearly summaries are configured by the user and viewed or printed. State and NPDES reports are generated monthly. Trending analysis is performed using running averages, statistics and various graphing options. Statistical analysis incorporates correlation coefficients of determination, multiple regression and other functions. This software is tailored to individual plants with respect to unit types, sizes and operational controls.


        Records Data & Performs ALL Calculations
        NPDES & State Reports
        Daily, Monthly and Yearly Graphing
        Statistical Analysis

DOWNLOAD a DEMO program right here & now.
These are self-extracting files, the DEMO then runs with a batch file.

Download TREDAT demo - after unzipping, type "TD"

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